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I gained acting background living here in the UK and decided to pursue this direction. Having worked for BBC and Warner Brothers projects, with each acting and filming experience I started to take up interest in producing my own projects. In 2017 I started producing my own films. Last year I set up my own company ROMANOFF PICTURES which will be focused  on film production. I am collaborating with my Russian colleagues  on developing cultural bridges between UK and Russian film industry. Still having a huge interest to pursue my acting career, I'm currently working on several feature film projects in collaboration with my UK colleagues.

 yulia romanova headshot
Yulia Romanova headshot
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Trapped series Yulia Romanova
gender Yulia Romanova

My Projects

I am interested in producing my own short and feature films, as well as helping talented and passionate people in their beginnings. 


Hexed  (2019) Co-production 

Horror - Thriller (inspired by true events)

PRODUCERS - James Bushe and Yulia Romanova

SAFE AGAIN   (2018)




















London, near future. Terrorist attacks are a part of the daily life. A young woman enters a therapist’s office. She says she was sent from her job, as a common business practice. She acts strangely and the therapist tries to find out what’s wrong with her. Soon, the tables are turned and she starts questioning him. She has a gun in her purse…

Sci-Fi Thriller

Producer  - Yulia Romanova

Director -  Stelios Kouk


GENDER (2018)

Emma is constantly working overtime. Is it worth to sacrifice the whole time to work when her boss Anna who she trusts doesn't seem to appreciate Emma. While her colleague John is also up for promotion she's been working towards for a long time.

Producer - Yulia Romanova

Director - Aleksandra Czenczek

Trailer link   https://vimeo.com/259142573

Awards and nominations:

 I was nominated for GENDER as a Best Producer at Oniros Film Awards and a film itself won Best Drama at the same festival. 

Inspiring Woman in a film (Winner) - Yulia Romanova (GENDER) - Los Angeles Film Awards

LB24tv - interview "Play It Out with Yulia Romanova Producer  and Actress of Gender" (11 July 2018)

Top Shorts - interview with Producer and one of the lead  characters Yulia Romanova ( 20/09/2018)


Short film ‘Shattered Game’  (2017) - is a crime drama about a couple who is forced to commit a financial crime to get easy money. But each of them has it’s own goal. 

Producer: Yulia Romanova

Cast: Viktorija Faith – Jess
           Lucas James – Matt
           Yulia Romanova – Valerie Preston

Director: Miguel Postigo

Writer: Yulia Romanova, Viktorija Faith, Lucas James

Yulia Romanova Trapped


Crime drama  series about Russian and British organised crime in the UK.

Producer: Yulia Romanova

Director: James Bushe

Writer(s): Yulia Romanova, James Bushe

Cast: Yulia Romanova, Scott Hillier, Andrey Rogozin

gender POSTER 2.jpg

GENDER (2019)

Feature film based on the award winning short film of same title. 

Life of two young female professionals changes drastically  after one of them stands up for another  to her boss raising gender issues in their company.

Production Company: FilmArt Pictures in partnership with Romanoff Pictures

Leading Cast: Yulia Romanova; Gisele Mauvecin

Director: Agustin Lanus